Recommendations for the operation and maintenance of the air conditioning and ventilation systems of buildings and premises for the prevention of the spread of SARS-COV-2

  1. Minimum outdoor air flow of 12,5 l / s and occupant
  2. Verification of equipment flows
  3. Increase in air volume, even with disconnection of controls
  4. Decrease air recirculation
  5. Optimization of the operation of heat recovery units
  6. Continuous ventilation in toilets.
  7. Increase in natural ventilation
  8. Maintaining the temperature and humidity setpoint parameters
  9. Verify the proper functioning of the UTAS

10.Filtration optimization

Regarding the maintenance operations of the facilities:
  1. Preventive maintenance at reopening facilities
  2. It is not necessary to enhance the cleaning of ducts above the usual annual
  3. Checking and cleaning the air filters
  4. Checking and cleaning the air units
  5. Enhance the safety of maintenance workers
  6. Implementation of measures against possible infections

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