Muffler rectangular SR 100.100

Pressure drop

SR rectangular muffler 100.100

Silenciador rectangular SR 100.100
Silenciador rectangular SR 100.100

Construction characteristics of rectangular muffler SR 100.100

Silencer rectangular cells in parallel every 100mm 100mm thick.

  • Envelope galvanized sheet 0,8-1 mm section thickness by step.
  • Cells with galvanized steel frame 0.8mm thick, sound absorbing insulation to accommodate point of attack in the form of bow of boat.
  • Sound insulation rockwool medium density 70 Kg / m3 and 100-150-200mm as required configuration. The surface exposed to the air stream provided with a black anti-detachment fireproof veil. (Optional veil NET type toilet easily cleaned for cleanroom applications).
  • Metu connections by type of profile 20-30-40 mm according to the air passage section. (Optional: They may provide other frameworks on demand).
  • Attachment of cells to surround by rivets brimmed high strength.
  • Large. Modular construction in parts for assembly on site.
  • Products made of stainless steel AISI 304 and 316.
  • Acoustic data buffer substitution according to ISO 7235.

Damping values ​​for substitution octave band

Muffler rectangular SR 100.100

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