Definition cleanroom

A clean room is a room with controlled atmosphere where the particle cocentración (according to dimensions), does not exceed a certain level. further, other parameters are monitored, such as: temperature, relative humidity and pressure, Airflow, renewal fee, Noise level, brightness etc.… To this end various categories are established cleanroom,es (See table).

Clasificación de sala limpia en función de la concentración de partículas

They are synonymous with clean rooms (cleanroom): cleanroom, cleanroom or clean room.

Control the environmental quality of the room is achieved with the very good driving techniques and air treatment:

  • Air filtration. Various stages of pre-filtration and absolute HEPA / ULPA
  • Air exchange rates
  • Airflows. Laminar and turbulent
  • Zone control air pressure in the room

Fields of application

Are many industrial applications where controlled atmospheres are required.

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • electronics industry: computers and televisions
  • Research centers and laboratories
  • pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry
  • hospital and clinical sector
  • Food processing
  • military industry
  • optical elements: lenses and lasers
  • chemical and medical equipment

Duct Rect Cleanroom Clean FERGO

The aspects that can contribute a good vent in improving the performance of air treatment in a cleanroom:

  • Ensure the flow of input preset at desired design.
  • Getting the extraction flow rate to ensure the evacuation of particulate pollutants
  • Facilitate regulation of equipment to optimize pressure levels between spaces
  • Prevent the formation of particles and germs inside the duct
  • Maintaining clean air treaty
  • Reduced noise level

The proposal Fergotub for these applications is FERGO Rect Clean.

  • Union D type profile improved with butyl seal in the throat
  • UL longitudinal Union built sanitary putty
  • perimeter corner joints and for sealing joints cross UT.
  • Tightening clamps for important sections
  • robust brackets that prevent torsion

The result is a high performance rectangular duct sealing: C and D level

Profile enhanced with butyl injected
Perfil tipo D, resistente y estanco
UL injected with sanitary putty
Edge and corner joints in UT
Conducto para salas límpias
Bracket and screw clamps reinforced
Conducto para salas límpias