” If you want different results do not always the same”

” The test of an innovation is not new, or scientific content, nor wit the idea… is its success in the market”

We have a value proposition and we want to share.


Although the manufacture of ventilation ducts is increasingly automated day and tending to minimize the number of references, in Fergotub we strive to do things right while preserving the geometry recommended by the laws of aerolic.

Our works are characterized by their technical adequacy. Tolerances are optimal, ni too large to avoid excessive ease, nor too small that could hinder the assembly of parts. We use the tilt angles recommended reductions, your, tolvas etc… to prevent excessive losses on site.

This obsession with the right technical solutions, not prevent us be passionate in the small details that give our work a unique style.

Rounded corners, how many folds, polished welds, no burrs, caulking in perspective, and great detail so personalize our work, giving our industrialized ducts almost handmade look.