Circular target silencers

The role of circular silencers dissipative is to reduce or even eliminate the noise produced and transmitted through the inside of a network of channels through which a current of air. This reduction in noise is achieved by transforming the sound energy into heat, when the sound wave through a maze of insulating material.

Such mufflers are designed for maximum speed 10 m/s. For higher speeds the pressure drops appreciably increase. Also, when forecasts are moderate damping has to check the proper noise from the muffler, that could penalize the final result.

Silenciadores circulares

Construction characteristics

The circular silencers SC-SCG-SCGN Fergotub are constructed of two cylindrical metal tubes between which an insulating material of adequate thickness is accommodated and acoustic characteristics to function to do. The inner tube, built in perforated sheet, holds and retains the acoustic insulation and facilitates impingement of the sound wave.

Between this tube and a fireproof insulating anti-veil detachment prevents contamination of the airflow of small particles is sandwiched insulation. The outer casing is a solid tube of sufficient thickness, retaining the insulation and gives the team a good weatherability.

Connection collars are constructed according to the bonding system used in ductwork. In small diameters is common plug connection, con sin O ring of watertightness. When, connection diameters are considerable, preformed frames FERGO Frame type used, handrail hoops crazy drilling etc ...

The SC round silencers and SCG They are a very good and simple solution for small to medium air volumes, but this design is less effective for large and noisy airflow. That is why the maximum effective dimension of manufacturing is about 800mm (caudal hasta 18000m3/h). For higher flow rates, is advisable to use the rectangular silencers SR of Fergotub, that because of its modularity offer very superior performance.

Silenciadores circulares

Also, is possible to increase the attenuation of a Circular silencer Standard . Fergotub proposes solving circular silencers with nuclethe, model SCGN. Is to mount a central cell width 100mm , increasing the absorptive surface while the pressure drop.