The origins of Fergotub

Fergotub 1932,SL.,manufacturer Ventilation ducts and silencers, is based on the year 2013 fruit of his own pulse regenerator Ramon Martin, wanting to transform a family business founded in 1932, in a modern and flexible corporate structure, related services to meet with the advice, Design and production of components ventilation, both residential and industrial. In short a space where technical concepts such as mechanical ventilation, Sick Building Syndrome, energy efficiency, watertightness, thermal and acoustic comfort ..., They are part of our regular work. Where our systems and components involved in a relevant way.


The most significant years that have marked the current personality Fergotub.

1. Year 1932, in a turbulent time of exciting changes make the company BUILDINGS ERGON, located in the street Barcelona Evarist Arnús, in order to perform own work in a boiler working for the naval and industrial.

2. Years old 60, the appearance of the town gas and the technologies associated with this business and hand companies like Catalana de Gas, Radiators Roca, Climagas etc ...

They begin to produce the first chimneys for boilers. They are built in a first work iron, considerable thickness and where all elements are welded.

3. In the decade of the 70 the concept of common collector is introduced for the first time, to service multiple boilers. He was being born conducto shunt . Some years later the business activity is expanding the production of vents.

4. Year 2004. The boom in the housing market and the growing demand for sanitary spaces, causes a very substantial increase in the demand for residential and industrial ventilation and air conditioning. It creates a new production unit metal vents. Specific art machinery is acquired, moving from craft production to production scale, and that small calderería inaugurates a new production plant in Castellbisbal. Since then the primitive thick iron pipes become welded replaced by ducts metal Galvanized sheet rectangular, circular sections as we know them today.

5. Year 2015. We move to new and modern facilities optimized for our production in Sant vicenç dels Horts

Nave producción en Sant Vicenç dels Horts

We do in Fergotub

Year 2013 is constituted Fergotub 1932, SL as an integrative company of their own and other components to provide ventilation and aeration applied to various sectors.

  1. CVentilation metal onductos, circular and rectangular.
  2. Ducts shunt
  3. Silencers and acoustic attenuators.
  4. Residential Industrial Acoustic measurements and.

5. Extraction cover. Circular and rectangular Venturis.

A place where we are concerned and worried about the air quality around us (work,leisure, housing ...) and where aerotérmicos develop systems for industrial processes that require a continuous flow of air in optimal quantity and quality for the proper development of productive activity.

Our field of action is focused in the following areas:

Residential Ventilation mechanical and hybrid according to CTE

Ventilation commercial, industrial, parking and storage.

Aeration process equipment for manufacturers of equipment (drying, furnaces, fans, Air conditioners, humidifiers etc. ... ) Collaborations design, dimensionamiento, escandallos, fabrication and verification.

Acoustical ventilation. Silencers and / or acoustic attenuators

Fergotub praxi ensures good sizing in production and ventilation systems, aeration and sustainable HVAC, energy efficient, easy maintenance, Built with recyclable materials, healthy, silent and low operating costs. That is why our designs are executed according to existing rules and calculations adapted to the new CTE.