Present, and other developments in ventilation and air conditioning

Estanqueidad conductos

26 of June of 2023

The name of the sealing classes of sheet metal ducts has recently changed., both circular and rectangular section.

Both the measurement system and the standards to which they refer remain the same, only the final name of the tightness class changes. Currently, airtightness classes range from ATC5 (anterior A) the least restrictive up to ATC2 (previous D) the most demanding

Silenciador circular SCG

14 of April 2023

Second supply of 24 model circular section mufflers SCG de 100mm. of various diameters (of 300,355,400,450 and 500 mm) to be mounted in a ventilation installation of a multinational company in the automotive sector based in Germany. The supply has been carried out in a record period of 10 dias

Remate ventilación mecánica

05 February 2021

In this action, FERGOTUB has supplied the finishes located on the roof of the building where the ventilation ducts of each house lead.

The AEVENT Mixed hat is chosen , the bathroom and kitchen mechanical ventilation ducts lead to the exterior along the entire perimeter of horizontal openings, while the ventilation of the kitchen hoods are extracted by the vertical circular hats mounted at different heights. With this we achieve a separation of flows to the same evacuation point.

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Prevention guide for air conditioning and ventilation systems to prevent the spread of COVID 19

06 of August 2020

This document contains the main actions to be taken in the air conditioning and ventilation facilities of buildings and premises to prevent the spread and development of the COVID-19 virus.

One of the most important parameters is to maintain a ventilation level above the 12,5 l / s per occupant, enhancing ventilation before and after the occupation of the premises

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CE marked conduit

20 of April 2020

In those facilities where it is essential, in addition to mandatory, the use of approved products, as is the case of sheet metal ducts used for smoke and heat control in premises that constitute a single fire sector, such as parking lots and garages, FERGOTUB has and makes available to the installer the range of ducts FERGO RECT P20 y P30

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noise pollution

8 of May, 2017/0 comments / noise / source: THE MON

Noise pollution causes discomfort 31,7 millions of European citizens and sleep disorders in more than 13 millions, 72.000 hospitalizations and 16.600 premature deaths per year

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Cambio de domicilio

New home

29 of September, 2015/0 comments / change of address / source: FERGOTUB

During the month of July we have proceeded to the transfer of our economic activity to new industrial facilities in Sant Vicenç dels Horts, in an area better suited to our production needs.

Our ultimate goal is to be ready for the challenge of continuing to grow , improving productivity aspects, quality and service.

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Sensación térmica en función del sexo

Different wind chill according to sex

4 of August, 2015/0 comments / thermal comfort / source: THE VANGUARD

Leftovers known is the high degree of subjectivity of the individual in relation to the satisfaction of the use of air conditioning in a local air-conditioned. Recent studies show that the reaction of the human body is different in women and men. There is a difference of 3 ° C in the average temperature level of comfort between them. While women in the ideal temperature is around 25 ° C , in men the comfort temperature is 22 ° C […]

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Purificador iónico urbano

Ionic technology to combat pollution in cities

4 of August, 2015/0 comments / air quality / source: THE VANGUARD

Human ingenuity has no limits. The art and technology join forces to combat pollution in urban areas.

In September, in the city of Rotterdam, It will inaugurate the largest air cleaner world. Then we will leave doubts about the effectiveness of this technology. The objective is to reduce air pollution in our cities, using a large ionic purifier acting as an artificial forest […]

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Grado de estanqueidad

Degree of sealing of ventilation ducts

14 of July, 2014/0 comments / circular and rectangular ducts / by FERGOTUB

How air leakage measured in the ventilation ducts?Is it measurable in relation to some standard?

I prescribed a conduit installation under a certain standars. I can predict the level of tightness?

Does the classification of sealing B is better than sealing C? […]

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Energy efficient ventilation ducts

14 of July, 2014/0 comments / circular and rectangular ducts / by FERGOTUB

How can you contribute vents to improving the energy efficiency of an installation ?

Good thermal insulation is essential to reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning systems, but level sealing ductwork has some influence? […]

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