Rectangular target silencers

The role of rectangular silencers disipativos is to decrease or even eliminate the noise produced and transmitted through the inside of a network of channels through which a current of air. This reduction in noise is achieved by transforming the sound energy into heat, when the sound wave through a maze of insulating material.

The dissipative silencers parallel rectangular cells SR of Fergotub are built with one metallic casing of galvanized sheet of 1 mm of thickness.

Silenciadores rectangulares

Construction features rectangular silencers

The mouths are supplied with preformed thick frames and appropriate scale to section silencer. They are typical frames used in the execution of metallic air ducts. This greatly facilitates installation in any order conductos.Bajo installation can provide other bonding systems. Mark the angle handrails taladrados.

The absorbent material used, is mounted on a sheet metal racks that called cells or baffles. Several types of cells in response to the thickness thereof 100, 150 y 200mm.

Several models of rectangular silencers, that are selected for flow and noise level of the source certain. Proper selection of a silencer we determine the free flow section, cell thickness, the pitch thereof, and the length.

Generally, thicker cells to increased acoustic damping. A smaller distance between cells cushioning. Si bien, consider that cells very wide and very long length boards and cause higher loss in the muffler. We must find a balance in technical Fergotub are used to define.

The materials used in the manufacture of rectangular silencers :

  • Metal components in galvanized steel Z200 FeP02G 10142-NB-C 0,8 and 1 mm. thick.
  • Sound insulation is mineral rock wool 40, 70 Kg / m3 or both combined with black veil fireproof anti-chalking.

Other highlights of our mufflers.

  • The entry of the cells have a geometry as a ship's prow, providing a lower pressure drop. Optionally, can also be made to the output
Silenciadores rectangulares

Special finishes of rectangular silencers

  • For special applications , hospitals, Cleanroom etc. where the demands for air quality in the ductwork are very strict, isolates used textile veil, providing adequate strength to clean, mechanically, internal components without risk of breakage.
  • When the flow of air to be treated is very high, propose construction silencer modules manageable dimensions that are subsequently assembled on site.
  • For high speeds, above 20 m / s the cells are supplied with a perforated plate protection.