The rotating hat is used to improve the extraction-renewal of air in local small and medium-sized.

It comprises a housing of vertical curved blades in a blade form conferring a sphere that rotates around a central axis mounted on two bearings. The set is activated ascensional currents own air or outside wind action. It is an effective local extraction system where other terminals poorly ventilated cause reflux or simply restrict shot.


It is manufactured in two grades:

– The outer ball and the connection pipe can be manufactured in galvanized or stainless steel AISI 304.

– The inner mechanism: central axis, caps, nut and bearings are always galvanized steel. Sealed bearings bathed in oil.

They can be supplied painted in RAL on demand, pinturaen polyester powder drying oven high resistance to.

Performance and dimensions

Hat supports the rotating winds up 70 Km / h. Its resistance is inversely proportional to the diameter of the terminal.

If mounted in smoke evacuation ducts stoves or fireplaces a minimum distance of 6m is recommended. the heat source.

It is recommended both a structural biennial inspection and mechanism.

Dimensions according to the table

Aspirador giratorio
Aspirador giratorio