CE marked metal parking duct

In those facilities where it is essential, in addition to mandatory, the use of approved products, as is the case of sheet metal ducts used for smoke and heat control in premises that constitute a single fire sector, such as parking lots and garages, FERGOTUB has and makes available to the installer the range of ducts FERGO RECT P20 y P30, with their corresponding certificates in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation or CPR, issued by the prestigious APPLUS accredited laboratory.

Specifically, the FERGO RECT P20 duct manufactured in thickness 0.8mm is suitable for air passage sections of 1000×250 mm (extended to 1250×1000). For upper sections we recommend the FERGO RECT P30 conduit made of 1mm galvanized sheet metal and suitable for sections up to 2000×600 mm

We also have available the range of mounting accessories that are essential for the correct assembly of the installation: caloric putty, ceramic strip and supports.