Circular silencer core SCGN

Load loss muffler circular core SCGN

Silenciador circular con núcleo
Gráfica pérdida de carga silenciador circular SCGN

Construction features circular core muffler SCGN

Circular silencer core 100mm. sound-absorbing insulation. Standardized dimensions of 315 800mm internal diameter. Lengths 900 a 1500mm. Maximum flow approx: 15000 m3/h

  • Interior built in galvanized perforated sheet R3 T5 according diameter 0,6-0,8-1mm.
  • Exterior Built in galvanized sheet smooth 0,8-1 mm according to diameter.
  • Intermediate acoustic rock wool insulation medium density 70 Kg / m3 and 100 mm thick.
  • Flame retardant nonwoven fabric fiberglass.
  • In fittings with O-ring sealing (Optional: other connection on demand)
  • Products made of stainless steel AISI 304 and 316.
  • Acoustic data buffer substitution according to ISO 7235.
  • Core with perforated galvanized sheet of the same features and rounded tip of attack.

Damping values ​​for substitution Hz octave band

Circular silencer core SCGN

Silenciador circular con núcleo