Ventilación industria

In the sector industrial are very diverse applications where our systems participating in a very relevant way. And general, in all those industrial processes where it is needed in a quantity and quality (temperature, moisture, Speed …) continuous air at appropriate points in order to achieve certain objectives.

As system integrators aeration process machinery usual deal in tight spaces, temperatures and high humidities where accuracy and robustness of the teams meet each specific application.

These are some of the most common applications in sector industrial:

– Aeration systems in drying tunnels. Ceramics, paper, Textiles, paints

– Polymerization processes

– Extraction paint booths.

– optical ducts

– Transport of particles and materials.

– Ventilation farms and greenhouses

– industrial furnaces

– Naval industry , railway and aeronautical

– Welding processes

– acoustic Ingenierias

– Removing hosteleria


We carry out work of constructive advice and design solutions tailored to every need, using standardized tools and procedures. Our technical department is to serve our customers in the development of new projects or improving existing, that require optimal installation design, where implement aerodynamic and acoustic solutions involved in the same.

Ventilación industria
Ventilación industria
  1. Contact customer. Data Collection, graphic documentation, measurements etc.
  2. Development study by our technical department.
  3. Customer Presentation proposed solution.
  4. Consideration of suggestions and / or corrections made by customer.
  5. Final proposal with economic valuation.
  6. Constructed in accordance with the conditions agreed.
  7. Checking Results.

Ventilation chemical. Ventilation shipbuilding industry, railway and aeronautical. Ventilation industry processes painting and welding. Ventilation industrial drying tunnels and furnaces.


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