Residential Building Parking in l’ The hospital

Verticales de conducto rectangular marcado CE que da servicio de ventilación y desenfumaje en caso de incendio a 45 parking spaces distributed in two basements .

Parking Residential Building in El Prat de Llobregat

Supply of 1200m2 of CE marked rectangular duct that provides ventilation and smoke removal service in case of fire to 123 parking spaces distributed between 3 cellars , with its corresponding Sodeca F300 CJTHT PLUS helical fans

Supply of 350 m2 of certified duct for ventilation 61 storage rooms

Conducto marcado CE
Conducto marcado CE
Conducto marcado CE

Parking Shopping center Emotions Premia de Mar

Supply conduit rectangular 1200m2 certificate E300,60

Parking residential building in Mataro

Supply conduit certificate rectangular 150m2 E300,60, overpressure protected staircase kit, ventilation and storage hall.

conducto garaje

Parking Torre 2 Iberdrola in Barcelona

Supply conduit certificate rectangular 2000m2 E300,60. Tried and tested in our facilities to ratify the sealing system.